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Total Time Speedup Efficiency

Convex Exemplar SPP-2000

Four hypernodes with 64 processors PA-RISC 8000-180MHz, 8GB DRAM and 1MB per processor cache.

Total Time Speedup Efficiency

Convex Exemplar SPP-1600

Two hypernodes with 16 processors PA7200-120MHz, 1024MB RAM and 1,6 GB bandwidth access to memory.

Mpi, Pvm
Total Time

Parsytec CC-8

8 PowerPCs 604, each one running at 133MHz with 512Kb Cache memory. 2 processors are I/O dedicated, with 128Mb RAM and 2 Gb Hard Disk Drive Capacity. The rest 4 are used for computations, with 64 Mb RAM and 350 Mb Hard Disk Drive capacity. PVM and PARIX are loaded.

Total Time Speedup Efficiency
Total Time Speedup Efficiency

Parsytec GCel 3/512

It has 512 T-805 transputers (32-bit RISC processor at 30MHZ) interconnected through an internal network.It has 2Gb of RAM. It is using two SUN Sparcstations as a front-end through 10 high speed links (20 Mb/sec). PARIX is loaded.

DLMP 0,5 and 0,25

Convex HP-Metaseries Cluster

It is comprised of 8 nodes. Each node is an HP-9000/735 workstation with a CPU HP-RA RISC 1.1 at 99 MHZ, 32 Mb RAM and 500 Mb local hard disk drive. The nodes are connected by an FDDI high-speed ring. PVM is loaded.

Total Time, Speedup, Efficiency
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